Thursday, April 16, 2009

The dogwoods are blooming on Broadway (121 days...)

Rough workout today. It's day like today that make me thing really long and hard about what I've gotten myself into. You know what makes me nervous about this triathlon now? The biking portion. I get on a hill on the bike and I'm done. It just kills me - and I only did four miles today. How is it going to be with 16 miles on one of the most hilly terrains for a triathlon? Ugh. Good news, the swim went just fine. 24 laps, 600 meters.

I'm kinda amazed I actually made it to the gym. I was sooo close to blowing it off; had a really busy day at work b/c a client was in town and I just really was ready to go home and lay in bed and sleep. But I pushed through. The only thing that totally bums me out is how much of my training I'll have to do indoors if I can't keep a bike at my apt. Today was a gorgeous day in NYC and I spent the only time I could have been outside in a hot, smelly gym. Blah. After this really cold, dreary winter, finding the motivation to not just skip the gym to go lay in Central Park is going to be really, really hard.

Maybe I can keep a bike in my kitchen. LoL. I just need more space. This uws apartment just isn't going to cut it.

Tomorrow is going to be in the 70s and so is Saturday. Exciting stuff. Quick run in the morning before work, then work, then after-work drinks with Amber and friends to kick off the weekend. Oh and a Yankee game on Sunday! Whoo hoo!

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