Tuesday, April 21, 2009

116 Days...

Worked out like a madwoman last night. Ran for 35 minutes, swam for 20 and ran out of the gym right in the middle of the worst downpour of the day. Oh well.

Went home and started rearranging things so I could fit a bike in my tiny bedroom. I think I've got a space now that will work, but we'll have to see. Over the weekend Matt and I went to a bike store in Ridgewood and I saw a great bike that was "reasonably" priced for a beginner road bike and just loved it. We did some comparison shopping and found other places where the bike was sold and I've done a bit of research and I really, really want it. Check it out here: http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-US/bikes/women/2285/32115/

Anyways, I'd get it in more of a teal/silver color versus the gold, but that doesn't matter. Still want to do a bit more research, but I might get it this weekend. Last weekend it was so warm and nice and all I wanted to do was be on a bike and ride around. So hopefully I find something soon that I like and get on the road!

Last weekend was super fun though. Saturday was so gorgeous, Matt and I slept in and then spent the day in bike stores and a park near his house. We call it the duck pond park, because there is a big pond that has lots of ducks and turtles, but what we didn't know was there was a huge dog park there too! It's called a "bark park." It was seperated into two parts, one side for the large dogs, the other for the little dogs and we just watched them for a long time. Dogs are so funny. We saw labs and goldens and chiuauas and yorkies and corgies and puggles and all sorts of cute, fuzzy things. Makes me want a dog so much more! But, alas, that will have to wait.

Sat. night we went to Jess' housewarming party which was super fun. She had a great turnout and she threw a great party. We had a great time. Sunday we went to the new Yankee stadium to see a game and thought the new stadium was awesome. The cool thing was, when you left your seat to get food or run to the bathroom or something like that, it's all open so you don't miss any part of the game. That part was really cool. The food/drinks though are so expensive! Bought lunch there cause it was the first time, but don't think I'll be doing that again anytime soon. I'm looking forward to going on the tour of the stadium in June. There was a lot we didn't see.

Anyways. More swimming and running tonight. :)

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