Wednesday, April 15, 2009

122 Days

The bike said I did 6 miles, but I'm not really sure I believe it. I didn't think I was peddling fast enough to do 6 miles in 25 minutes, even if I was peddling at 92 RPM. I really wonder the accuracy of the distance. I know the calories are way off, but is the distance? Hmmm, something to think about.

On another note, today was a good day professionally. I had my two year review and it went really well. My boss had some really positive things to say about me and my work and also had constructive criticism, which was expected. I also got a nice chunk of change as a raise, which in this economy, is kick ass. It's a few thousand less than what I was planning on asking for, but we had a discussion and I can have another review in three months to re-evaluate my salary. The cool thing is, I had a salary number in my head that I wanted to achieve and I did it. I'm still underpaid, but at least I'm a hell of a lot closer to being paid what I'm worth. So yay to that. :)

Tomorrow is another swim/bike day and then during work on Friday I'll probably go running. it';s supposed to be so nice out this weekend, so Saturday I'll probably ride Matt's bike in NJ. Then I'll have made another full week of workouts under my belt. Yay!!

Now I'm watching Bride Wars with Amber and relaxing... a good day.

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