Tuesday, April 28, 2009

109 Days - Swimmers

In my opinion, swimmers have the best bodies. You can think of Michael Phelps for an example, or just any of the ladies who compete in professional swimming sports. Their bodies are graceful, lean and healthy looking. They aren't stick thin, just healthy. There were two girls swimming today who I could tell were swimmers a while back. I looked at them and I was like, geez! I might have looked like that at some point in my life, or had the potential to look like that.

So, back to the original reason why I started this triathlon thing. To feel good about my body and to lose weight and be confident, like I know I can be. So anyways, seeing those girls tonight made me want to do this even more.

So tonight I jogged/walked for 40 minutes, about 3 miles and then swam 650 yards, or 26 laps. Not a bad workout. And I ate pretty well today too. Healthy lunch and a much smaller dinner than normal. So maybe I'm finally getting on track for both the working out and eating part of this whole ordeal? Keeping my fingers crossed!

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