Monday, May 11, 2009

10.5 miles. Whoo! (96 days)

Tonight's blog post is going to come in the form of a list.

Things I learned when biking today in Central Park:

1. Apparently, even though I read that cars and taxicabs aren't allowed to drive in the park, I was wrong.
2. I shouldn't ride my bike when cars and taxicabs are around. I get flustered and almost fall of my bike.
3. Thankfully, instead of falling, I just really scraped my right pedal against the curb. It's really scraped!
4. I have to get over the fact that I'm riding my bike and thus, it will never look "perfect." Refer to #3.
5. It's really good i bought that bike computer because it is much harder to rack up the mileage than one would think.
6. In order for me to get 10 miles in, I had to ride around the entire loop in the park, do the bottom half a second time and then do a couple loops on Riverside Park before heading back to my apt.
7. Hills are going to be really, really hard.
8. BUT, I made it up the HUGE hill in the CP bike loop - the one that is like a mile long and straight up? So hard.
9. That hill made me feel like I was going to throw up.
10. Thankfully, I didn't.
11. I hope I don't during the triathlon. Talk about embarrassing.
12. Even though today was hard, it made me think that with my training over the next 3 months, I really will be able to do this.
13. But I really need to stay focused, otherwise I won't make it. That means NOT MISSING ANY WORKOUTS
14. Found out that the detox diet I was supposed to start today with my colleagues isn't starting until Wed. Sheesh. At least I still ate healthy today.
15. Riding 10.5 miles made me so tired!! I really can't wait to go to bed.
16. The good weather is really putting me in a better mood than I was last week.
17. I'm hoping to get up in the morning and go running.
18. Then do a short swim and get home early to go grocery shopping for all my detox food.

That's about it. Night everyone!

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